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We have successfully completed our first two years of service to our community!

Citizenship class
DOJ Accredited Representative Mike Sebald works with students attending a Citizenship Class offered by Bridges to Growth. All of these students have now completed their class and will be applying for citizenship.

As the only immigration legal services provider targeting the needs of low-income families in Williamson County . . .

We know our services are needed. With two years under our belt, we currently welcome two to three new clients every week! This past year, however, we also lost our major source of grant funding—and it has been a struggle to cover expenses.

Since you have supported us in the past, we are hoping you can help us now.

We urgently need to raise $3,000 by June so we can pay rent and other expenses to keep our office open through the end of the year.

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If you can make a recurring donation, that will help us with expenses for next year and into the future.

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Your support makes a difference for immigrant families!

Since the U. S. Department of Justice approved GTX Connect’s application to begin offering immigration legal services on March 26, 2021, we have assisted over 75 community members. In many cases, we simply listen to their concerns and provide advice about what is and is not possible. With a better understanding of their situation, people can make informed decisions about their family’s well-being and future.

Our priority is to help families stay together. Many of our clients have temporary authorization to be in the U.S., under temporary protected status (TPS) or other humanitarian programs. Often they have lived here for many years and have children born here. We assist them in securing the documentation they need to stay here permanently, obtaining or renewing work permits needed to support their families, and getting themselves on a path to citizenship.

Answering questions at GISD event
Mike answers questions from prospective client at GISD’s Uniting Families Event on April 15.

YOU can help advise local families . . . no law degree needed!

As the demand for our services grows, we need more volunteers to work directly with clients. Making this kind of a difference in people’s lives is highly rewarding. It does require time, training, and effort—but it does not require a law degree.

Because there are too few private immigration attorneys available to serve the needs of low-income immigrants, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) established the Recognition & Accreditation (R&A) program. Under this program, non-lawyers may obtain accreditation giving them limited authorization to practice immigration law. (See our FAQs for more details.)

If you are interested in becoming a DOJ Accredited Representative, please contact us. GTX Connect can sponsor you; help you obtain the training and hands-on experience needed; and help you submit your application for accreditation.

When we meet, we can answer your questions and give you the background needed to decide if this role would suit you—and then you can take time to think it over before making a decision.

If you have any interest at all, let’s talk. No obligation, we promise!

GISD Uniting Families Event

The whole family becomes stronger

Our services often benefit multiple generations within a family. For example:

  • A mother seeking citizenship for herself discovered, when she becomes a citizen, her daughter, a high-achieving high school student, will automatically derive citizenship through her, greatly expanding her prospects for college admission and scholarships.

  • Refugee families fleeing political persecution and violence in Cuba and Venezuela have been able to obtain temporary protected status (TPS) and apply for work permits, enabling them to stabilize their lives and qualify for jobs needed to support their families.

  • Two recent U. S. born college graduates were thrilled to discover they can sponsor their Honduran parents, currently here on TPS, for legal permanent residency and, in just five years, U. S. citizenship.

Citizenship makes a world of difference

Many of our clients are long-time legal permanent residents (LPRs) who are eligible for citizenship but are uneasy taking such a big step. We help them through the application process—and work with them to build their confidence and prepare them to pass their citizenship test and interview.

One of our clients was so excited about becoming a citizen, she began recruiting friends and family members and convincing them to become citizens too. Another has begun volunteering with us, helping with appointments and translations.

Our new citizens are often surprised and gratified by how their new status changes their lives. They discover a new sense of belonging, along with the rights and privileges of citizenship, especially the right to vote and participate in our democracy. It also helps them strengthen family ties. Citizenship removes the risk and anxiety of visiting family or traveling abroad—and it gives them the ability to sponsor immediate family members for legal permanent residency.

Volunteers Needed!

For our first two years, we have been able to do pretty well with one Accredited Representative and a couple of additional volunteers—but now we need help! Schedules for all volunteer positions are very flexible. Contact us to learn more!

TRANSLATORS: If you speak Spanish and English, you can help by translating during consultations, answering questions at community events, making appointments, and translating documents.

TUTORS: Even if you aren’t bilingual, you can help people practice their English or prepare for their citizenship test. This type of one-on-one assistance gives people a much-needed confidence boost.

DOJ ACCREDITED REPRESENTATIVE: We have to plug this one again! This is a huge need. It requires more training and preparation than other jobs, but, if it’s right for you, it is really, really rewarding.

OTHER: If you have other skills that might help us, please reach out. (We could really use help with outreach and social media, for example!)

Studying for Citizenship Exam
Antonio Enriquez finishing up his citizenship studies; he is now ready to apply for citizenship.