Confidential Client Portal

As a client of GTX Connect Immigrant Services, you will have confidential information and files that need to be provided for your application. You can use this page to ask or answer questions or to upload documents and files we request from you. Unlike email, which puts your personal information at risk, this page is secure–and you can feel confident sharing your private information here.

  • TO ADD A FILE: Click on the FILES tab, then click the ADD FILES button; choose a file and type in a FILE TITLE, then click the UPLOAD button
  • TO TYPE A MESSAGE OR INFORMATION: Click the DISCUSSION tab, then type in your information and click the POST button

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at 512-931-2112 or Thank you!

NOTE: If you do not see any information below, it means you need to log in here: If you don’t have your password, click on “Lost Your Password?” to reset or get a new password.

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